Lifting Trolleys – Lift&Drive

Lifting Trolleys – Lift&Drive

Our Lift&Drive trolleys are designed and produced by our team here in Sollentuna, Sweden. The lightweight lift trolleys are available in various sizes, types, design and models, and it is your process, environment and operator requirements that will determine the final shape and features of your trolley.

There are three models in the Lift&Drive series:

P –  Professional
Our completely modular family member. A unique, modular concept forms the basis of our P-trolleys, giving you and us virtually unlimited opportunities to create a lifter which is perfectly suited to your needs.
Lifting capacity max 325 kg.

IE – Industrial Eco
These trolleys have a welded-all-over chassis, built to handle the tough demands, of for example, in an industrial environment.
Lifting capacity max 90 kg.

E – Eco
These are our smallest units, offering a very swift and flexible lifting trolley. Available as standard versions and custom-built, including the pharmacy lifter, the service lifter and the archive-model.

The lifters have an aluminium mast and cross member and powder coated mild steel legs which have a stainless steel option.
Lifting capacity max 90 kg.

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