Sack handling using lifting trolley

Sacks often tend to be cumbersome and are difficult to handle manually. We at PRONOMIC have for many years been helping companies to handle sacks made of all kinds of materials and filled with different contents.
Gripping and picking up items wrongly and over and over, as well as reoccurring twisting movements while working often lead to stress and repetitive strain injuries, even if the lifting work performed only involves pretty light and not at all that heavy weights.

In order to prevent and avoid these problems, we have among others developed our Lift&Drive trolleys, with their electrically height-adjustable load platforms. The lifters are available in a variety of models and designs.

We have designed a long line of specially adapted and practical accessories to handle sacks, for example our choice of standard platforms, the roller platforms, etc.
Not only sack handling becomes a great deal easier with a Lift&Drive trolley, also lifting and moving other items, such as boxes, cartons and crates can be done ergonomically correct and considerably more efficient.

All our Lift&Drive trolleys bear the CE-marking.

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