Lift&Drive IE Model

Industrial ECO – was built and adapted to meet tougher requirements for example in industrial environments.

IE-trolleys have an all-welded chassis that makes these lifters very stable and durable. All the same Lift&Drive IE is a highly maneuverable lightweight trolley, that can be equipped with standard wheels or small wheels, depending on if you need a low-built trolley or not.

The lifting masts are available in three standard heights but can also be customized according to your requirements and for your specific application.

There are numerous standard accessories, V-blocks and prongs for roll handling, different forks and lifting platforms for the handling of crates, boxes and other items.

Specifically for the IE-trolleys, we offer ”tailor-made forks” for a ”standard price”. You choose whether you like the forks to be made of round, flat or angular tubes, and you also choose the length and width of the forks. We also have a large number of standard tools to choose from, such as lifting platforms, platforms with edge rollers, roller platforms, prongs for roll handling, V-blocks, etc.

The trolleys are available in powder-coated steel or in stainless steel.


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